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“I am content with the gifts I’ve been given:
Life, Family, Love, Wisdom and Truth.” -Marjory Sheba

Marjory Sheba is an international speaker and award-winning author who through her writings and coaching events empower people, create conscious awareness and inspire transformation. Sheba is the author of the inspirational books “Sometimes You Have to Close Your Eyes to See” and “Advice to My Daughter: 99 Lessons on Love, Life, Success & Society.” Sheba is the CEO of MSG Financials, LLC, a U.S. based financial firm, and the President of See The World Save The World, a non-profit organization passionately dedicated to improving lives in impoverished regions of the world through community development, education and travel.

As a Community Leader & Social Activist, Sheba has worked with religious and minority groups on humanitarian causes and social issues, and has acted as an “Organizer for Change” with SEIU, United State’s largest service workers union, headquartered in Washington D.C., helping to raise standards and working wages for all service workers.

Marjory Sheba is a true inspiration and having triumphed over many adversities in her life, she remains actively engaged with youth groups and women organizations in communities all over the world, helping others escape from their own oppressions and become successful in life. Sheba is an advocate of peace and a lover of wisdom; a “Conscious-guided” writer whose truth-telling message and transformational teachings are positively impacting and changing lives!