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“I am inspired by life and enpowered by love. I write to open the minds of mankind and give eyes to their hearts.” -Marjory Sheba

“Our Thoughts Are Not Our Own: Transformational Insights for a More Conscious Life” by Marjory Sheba (Spiritual)

Long before we relied on religious books and prophets, there was our intuition, our spiritual guide. And, those who searched their spirits through meditation and in nature found answers from the unknown. This book speaks from the unique spiritual perspective of an intuitive Student of Life, and offers insights on topics that challenges our conditioned thoughts and dissolves the lines that separate what’s considered religiously taboo and inexplorable.

“Advice to My Daughter: 99 Lessons on Love, Life, Success & Society” by Marjory Sheba (Inspirational; Self-Help)

“We embrace our realities in doses, therefore never learning the lessons that life teaches us all at once. We are brave, cowardly, bold, sensitive, strong and weak, all at various points in our lives! We build our hopes up, kick our fears down, shake loose our doubts, when we let our best selves win. But, in a moment of defeat become insecure, angry, deeply conflicted and at times, our worst enemies…” This book contains vital lessons and inspiring stories, told with great depth and simplicity, that speaks to and for an entire generation of women.

“BE CEO OF YOUR LIFE: Secrets to Achieving Greater Success & Getting More Out of Life” by Marjory Sheba (Motivational/Self-help)

This book, targeting a millennial age group, effectively delivers on its 11 core principles and secrets for “Achieving Greater Success & Getting More Out of Life.” From principles on Accountability to Consistency and Time Efficiency, coupled with a complete guide on how to develop and master those qualities, nothing is left off this buffet of knowledge! The author’s approach is fresh, funny at times, and applicable to daily life.

“Shebafied! A Poetic Journey to Self-Actualization” by Marjory Sheba (Spiritual)

This deeply intense and poetic book, filled with insightful passages and quotes, rigorously explores these timeless questions posed by the author:

Who am I in this world? Who are the people around me? How can human beings reach the highest form of human potentiality?

The answers she uncovers will place you on a journey destined to examine more profoundly the psychological, emotional and biological particulars of yourself and the world around you. “You will love, you’ll be loved and become love itself…” Read Shebafied! and begin an intimate obsession with the “Self” being actualized.

“Sometimes You Have to Close Your Eyes to See” by Marjory Sheba (Transformational/Spiritual)

“Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Go inward for a moment. See yourself seeing yourself from an outer view, a broader perspective. Are you the observer or the observed? Who has the greater advantage?”

Thus begins the first chapter of this highly riveting and captivating book. Line after line, and page after page- seeming ancient wisdom are brought to life, awakening a deeper consciousness you never knew possible!