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“The Universe has granted you space, God has given you wings.
All that remains is for you to fly!” – Marjory Sheba

Dear friend and reader,

Thank you for your interest in learning more about me and my works. I love to connect with and meet people from all over the world who share my passion for living!

I see life as a gift and embrace it for what it is, and in the manner in which it is given to me. I understand the need to share this space with others and allow room for all experience. I believe life on Earth is the greatest learning tool that could ever exist for the spiritual gain of mankind. All of life is meaningful and important; there is no waste or loss.

As we live, we grow through the woes and wonders we experience, and draw from them what we need. I have learned to keep the meaning of the difficult lessons this journey has taught me, while remaining open for a different interpretation. The worst can and does happen to us all, but it needn’t dismantle or decide who we are.

There is something rewarding in this life for everyone. I have always believed and seen myself achieving those things I am achieving, and still aspire to. Nothing is impossible when you truly believe! So, whether you’re living the life you love, or loving the life you live- do it to the fullest extent. The universe has granted you space, God has given you wings, all that remains is for you to fly!


Marjory Sheba