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MarjorySheba Live!

“Stop doubting and start doing. This life you have is a blessing,
no one can live it for you- but you, for yourself!” -Marjory Sheba


Marjory Sheba is an international speaker and award-winning author who through her writings and coaching events, empower people, promote conscious awareness, and inspire transformation.

As a Certified Financial Educator and CEO of MSG Financials, LLC, a U.S. based financial firm, Sheba has used her platform to educate thousands on how to escape the violent pitfalls of poverty, pay-off debts and build lasting wealth for themselves and their families.​ ​Sheba’s nonprofit organization, ​See The World Save The World, ​help​s impoverished children around the world through community development, education and travel.​ ​

Marjory Sheba is a multiple six-figure earner, who loves to share her knowledge and experience to help others. She was recognized as one of South Florida’s Top 40 Under 40, and has received ​international acclaim for her ​impactful teachings and ​her commitment to making a difference in the communities she serves.​

Marjory Sheba’s ​​presentations ​​and workshops teach people to:

  • Uncover ​T​heir Purpose​​

  • Use Their Trials to Fuel ​T​heir Triumphs

  • Develop a Mindset for Success

  • See Beyond the Now

  • Rise to ​T​heir Highest Self

  • Build Wealth and Master The Keys to Success

  • Be More Grateful and Happy

  • Live Their Best Lives & More!


Marjory is a dynamic speaker and wealth builder.
She is a world-class motivator that has talent to grow the difficult to reach.

Clyde Vanel, New York State Assemblyman

Marjory Sheba is blessed with style and substance, plus an inspiration that transcends!
Her presence besieges with class and grace…

Guy Evans-Ford, Internationally-Acclaimed Poet/Entertainer

Marjory Sheba is such an inspiration! She is enthusiastic, professional, kind and warm.
Ms. Sheba expressed love, patience, understanding, while presenting to the audience.

Sandra Carmant-Perez, Travel Consulting Inc

Marjory speaks with great passion, and is one of the most dynamic motivational speakers I know.

Olivier Noel, CEO, DNAsimple

Marjory Sheba is a class act… she knows her stuff!
She is polished and professional from start to finish.

Eveline Pierre, Founder, Haitian Heritage Museum

Honneur et mérite a Marjory Sheba, Conférencière Internationale, pour sa brillante participation!

Edwin Paraison, Fondation Zile, Saint Domingue

It’s always a riveting experience to sit through one of Marjory Sheba’s presentations.
Our business clients love her! She is captivating and informative; and delivers with great passion and precision.

Marlyn B.Juste, Founder & Owner, MJ Solutions

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