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“By gathering together and building with one another, we become weavers of change.” -Marjory Sheba

Marjory Sheba’s operational network is comprised of leading businesses, organizations and field experts, whose professional services and resources provide invaluable support and framework. Below are a few:

MJ Solutions

A business solutions firm offering innovative, effective and successful solutions to complex business challenges to Legal and Medical industries. Our services includes: Business Development & Account Management, Market Entry, Positioning & Channel Development, Marketing Strategy, Organization & Performance Review.

The Louis Law Firm

The Louis Law Firm serves individuals, small and medium size companies, entrepreneurs and professionals. Our clients enjoy a practical and competitive alternative to traditional large firm representation.

The Louis Law Firm practices law throughout the state of Florida and offers legal services in several practice areas, including creditor remedies, business law, insurance claim denial, community association law, personal injury and general practice.

The Visionnaires Club

The Visionnaires Club is a private membership club consisting of successful entrepreneurs, public figures, philosophers, and forward-thinkers who share an interest in thought provoking, intellectual and conscious-raising conversations. Members take part in guided meditations, spiritual discussions, and receive leading transformational teachings that help to achieve greater success, awareness and foresight.

Better Listen

Better Listen is an independent audio/media publishing company that produces and publishes the finest work some of the world’s outstanding thinkers, educators, authors and healers.

Financial Educators Council

Financial Educators Council offers solutions for those seeking to build or enhance a financial education program. The NFEC provides resources, training and expertise that reduce the cost per impact, deliver measurable results, and maximize learner achievement so programs are in a better position to scale and empower communities with a critical life skill- financial literacy.